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Project Description
Product Configurator for Microsoft CRM

QuoteAdvantage extends Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and 3.0 with familiar product configuration screens that are similar to the ones used by shoppers all over the web. The software is designed to help sales professionals build complex price quotes quickly and accurately with Microsoft CRM. QuoteAdvantage helps prevent mistakes that are caused by incorrect pricing, invalid selections, or incomplete configurations. QuoteAdvantage also helps a sales person recognize opportunities for upselling
additional products and services to a customer.

QuoteAdvantage improves on the standard Microsoft CRM product selection process by grouping products into categories for easy single-click selection. This alleviates the need to remember complex part numbers and avoids the need to hunt for products with a cumbersome search interface. With QuoteAdvantage, a Microsoft CRM user can build quotes in seconds by simply clicking the appropriate products for their customer.


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