Discounts on Linked Products

Sep 22, 2008 at 9:17 PM
I would like for the program not to discount linked products.  It does not handle it very well.  The program takes the sum of the parent product and linked products and applies the discount to the parent product.  It does not show very well in the program and makes the quote report inaccurate.

I think I have found the code that controls this.  can you comment out these lines and compile a separate version?  I would be do not have the infragistics add-ons.

in the QuoteDetail.cs, lines 231 thru 238 on code base 'quoteadvantage - 15549'
Here is the code with the lines of code I would like commented out.  Is there anything I am missing?

      public decimal CalculatePrice()
         decimal     nPrice = this.PricePerUnit * this.Quantity;  
         //ArrayList   objChildItems = this.GetChildItemList();

         //foreach (QuoteDetail objItem in objChildItems)
         //   decimal nChildPrice = objItem.CalculatePrice();  // Item price includes deeply nested children
         //   nChildPrice = nChildPrice - objItem.ManualDiscountAmount;
         //   nPrice += nChildPrice;  

         nPrice = nPrice - this.ManualDiscountAmount;

         return nPrice;